Industry leading technology platform

VendorGroup incorporates the latest technology to ensure the fastest and more secure experience for all clients and their customers.

Redundancy and Backups

All Corporate and IR Websites are deployed to our platform which provides automatic scaling, redundancy and failover. Additionally, every site update creates a snapshot which allows for point-in-time rollback should you need to revisit a previous version of your site.


VendorGroup incorporates Two-Factor Authentication to provide additional peace of mind and security for all of your services. Additionally, VendorGroup provisions and maintains the SSL Certificate for all Corporate and IR Websites ensuring the latest standards are enforced for your website providing additional confidence to your clients and investors.

CDN and Global Routing

VendorGroup leverages Google's Global Routing Network to ensure the fastest route for customers to access your website. Additionally, all images and assets are delivered through the global Content Delivery Network to provide content to your customers as fast as possible.