Al Aneja

Al Aneja


Al Aneja is a seasoned business executive and the CEO of The Vendor Group, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for public companies. With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, Al has established himself as a thought leader and an expert in the field.

Prior to joining The Vendor Group, Al held senior executive positions at several leading technology companies, where he led successful teams in areas such as sales, product development and customer support. His ability to create and execute on effective growth strategies has resulted in substantial revenue and market share gains for the companies he has worked with.

Under Al's leadership, The Vendor Group has grown into a respected and innovative technology solutions provider, delivering cutting-edge products and services to over 55 public companies across a variety of industries. He is dedicated to building a team of talented and motivated professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients.

Al is widely recognized for his strategic vision, leadership, and expertise in the technology and newswire industry. When he's not busy leading The Vendor Group, Al enjoys spending time with his family and staying active through sports and outdoor activities.

Specialties: Corporate & Investor Relations Websites, Investor and Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing and Networking. Expert in evolving and maximizing existing lines of revenue.

Andrew Werhane

Andrew Werhane


Andrew Werhane is a seasoned technology executive with a strong background in building and scaling successful software solutions. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for The Vendor Group, he leads the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions that drive growth and success for the organization and its clients.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Werhane has proven himself as a skilled technologist with a focus on scalability, performance and reliability.

As CTO for The Vendor Group, Werhane is responsible for overseeing all technology-related activities, including software development, infrastructure management, and data analytics. He is a critical member of the leadership team, working closely with the CEO to drive the company's strategic vision and deliver value to its clients.